Les Enfants Nursery Fees from January 2019

Les Enfants Nursery Fees for year to 31 December 2019.

  Age 0 - 3 years Age 3 - 5 years
  Full Days Half Days Full Days Half Days
Daily £ 58 £ 38 £ 55 £ 36
Weekly £ 290 £ 190 £ 275 £ 180
Monthly £ 1184 £ 776 £ 1123 £ 735
Annual £ 14,210 £ 9,310 £ 13,475 £ 8,820


  • Opening hours 7:30 am to 6pm
  • Meals, snacks and milk as appropriate
  • Nappies and creams
  • Play and art consumables
  • Regular outings

Payment and terms:

  1. Deposit of £100 and a retainer of £200 is required to secure a place at the Nursery and must be paid within 14 days of a place being offered. The deposit and retainer are non refundable if the child does not start at Nursery. After the start date the retainer will be deducted from the first month invoice and deposits are refundable if 4 weeks written notice of leaving is given. Deposits are refunded on the last Invoice before leaving. Start dates can only be changed once and only with 4 weeks written notice thereafter you will be invoiced from the amended start date.
  2. Payment of fees is monthly in advance by the 10th day of each month based on 49th of annual fee. Payments can be made via Standing Order, Bank Transfer or by cash or cheque to the Nursery Office.
  3. 10% discount is given for second or more children.
  4. A £20 surcharge may be charged for payments received after 10th of each month.
  5. First month invoice will be received at the beginning of the start month and should be paid by the 10th of that month as per terms and conditions, failure to do so may result in the child’s place being forfeited.
  6. Non-chargeable 3 weeks holidays include 4 local public holidays at Christmas and New Year when the nursery is closed. No need to adjust payments for holidays as fees are calculated over a 49 week year and payable over 12 months. Your invoice will not reduce when you are on holiday. There is no maximum to the number of holiday days the child may have.
  7. A minimum of 4 weeks written notice must be given for leaving Nursery or if you need to reduce your sessions of attendance.
  8. A least one month’s notification will be given on fee increases or changes to terms and conditions.
  9. Changes between 0-2, 2-3 and 3-5 rates apply from the month following child’s birthday.
  10. Pick up times must be strictly adhered too to allow us to maintain our ratios. £20 late collection fee will be added to invoices, when children are not collected and leaving the building by 1pm and 6pm accordingly, to cover staff overtime costs.
  11. We do not have a refunds policy, however there may be exceptional circumstances, which will be strictly at the company’s discretion, where this may apply. We do not make refunds for circumstances which are not within our control e.g. sickness, infection, adverse weather conditions. We reserve the right to close the nursery or restrict attendance where this would be against regulatory requirements e.g. staff to child ratios are challenged, staff and children’s safety or comfort may be compromised. Our aim is to keep the nursery open for service users, however there may be circumstances that prevent us staying open and we will use the information available at the time to make sound decisions whilst trying to minimise disruption.